BudgetWrangler’s Competition

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Surely there must be some useful personal budgeting software on the market. Right?

After all these years and everybody needing
something for their finances there’s gotta be something at least adequate out there, right?

Well, if you find anything out there that does the job better than BudgetWrangler, please let us know. But you may be searching for a while.

We could give you our heartfelt opinions on some of the available offerings, but why should you believe us? We’ve got an axe to grind. So don’t believe us, look at what real people and real reviewers are saying about the other guys.


Here are links to what people are writing about some of the major players out there:








Attention Mint and other Online Financial Services Users !

When you use a third party data aggregator such as Mint your data is probably as secure as anything else you do online. So that's not the real security danger.
If your bank account were to be compromised the FDIC is there specifically to insure your funds. So your risk as a customer is minimized and you can bank in confidence...

However if you are a Mint User you have supplied your Bank login information to Mint (Intuit) just in order to use their program. But by giving this information to a third party you have now likely violated your user agreement with your bank. If your account were to be hacked by criminals your bank could easily decline to restore your stolen funds because you have voided your agreement.

BudgetWrangler avoids this danger altogether by keeping your data under your local control.


So if that’s the state of the art, and BudgetWrangler offers a 30-day free trial, what on earth or you waiting for, Pardner?

Download that dogey now!

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