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Not just another budgeting program.

BudgetWrangler is different because:

________It’s more accurate, secure, and reliable than Cloud based systems.

________It categorizes your transactions your way auto-magically.

________ It thinks about money the way real humans do.

________You retain control over how your data is imported and formatted.

________ It’s designed to help you work your way.


With BudgetWrangler you can:

________Understand your finances at a glance.
________Track every dollar.
________Sort and analyze your records in flexible ways.
________Set up a budget and track how you’re living up to it.
________Create Goals and manage them as circumstances change.
________Quickly answer the question “Can I afford this?”
________Set up reminders of upcoming payments.
________Print Reports for Tax Time


Attention Mint and other Online Financial Services Users !

When you use a third party data aggregator such as Mint your data is probably as secure as anything else you do online. So that's not a huge security danger.
But if your bank account were to be compromised the FDIC is there to insure your funds. So your risk as a customer is minimal and you can bank in confidence...

However in order to become a Mint user you must necessarily supply your Bank login information to Mint (Intuit) to use their program. By doing so and giving your information to a third party (Intuit) you have violated your user agreement with your bank and they may refuse responsibility if problems were to occur. If your account were to get hacked by criminals your bank could decline to restore your stolen funds because you have voided your agreement.

BudgetWrangler avoids this danger altogether by keeping your data under your local control.


At the dawn of personal computers we were promised that these newfangled gadgets could help us “balance our checkbook.” Well, that never really happened back then and we’re still waiting—waiting for computers to make our personal finance management less painful. Lots of attempts have been made. But somehow they always fall short. There’s a deal-breaker lurking in every one of them.

We got tired of looking for a software solution unicorn. And we observed that anybody who was really serious about managing their own finances usually ended up writing something custom in Microsoft Excel or other similar program. Is it really that bad that they had to build their own?

Yes. It really is that bad. So in desperation we decided to take a deep breath and go down the “roll your own” road ourselves but to take a slightly different route and build our custom solution in Filemaker Pro. We wanted to build something that thinks about money the way we think.

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But a funny thing happened. BudgetWrangler worked out so well for us that we started to think that other folks like you might also find it helpful. We don’t see why tracking your finances has to be so complicated. BudgetWrangler proves that it doesn’t have to be.

And we think BudgetWrangler can simplify your finances too. All you’ve got to gain is more Security, Flexibility, Control.

30 Day Free Trial!

So why don’t you give BudgetWrangler a spin for 30 days? It’s a free, fully functional download. What have you got to lose?

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Or browse the user guide to get a good idea of what BudgetWrangler’s all about before you take the plunge.

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